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f you have landed here it could be for a few reasons. Please have a look at the following options and specify which one applies in the subject field of your message.

1. Media Requests:

Members of accredited media agencies may leave a message here or use their designated contact person(s) in the communications and public relations department at Western, especially for time-sensitive interview requests.

2. Submitting a tip on, or making suggestions relating to unsolved cases for To Catch A Killer and/or the Western Cold Case Society:

You can certainly fill out form below in full, and your tip and/or case suggestion will be vetted by my staff and me. Tips containing the required information will then be forwarded on to the authorities in confidence. You may also want to consider one of the following options with respect to submitting tips about a case:

a) Your local police service, including any detachment of the RCMP or your provincial or state police

b) Your local CrimeStoppers program if you wish to remain anonymous

c) To Catch a Killer’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ToCatchAKillerTV

d) To Catch A Killer’s Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/ToCatchAKiller_

3. Obtaining further information on speaking engagements or seminar offerings:

Please complete the form and provide at least 60 days notice for any proposed event or tentative booking date(s) to allow me time to respond and negotiate terms.

4. Making general enquiries about research, media projects, or consulting services:

I’m always happy to respond to general questions as time permits, although students (past or present) should use my university contact methods. That said, please note that¬†vague or unprofessional requests, or anything that remotely looks like spam will be automatically screened out by my staff and the sending address blocked.

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Prof. Michael Arntfield, PhD