From the mind of Dr. Michael Arntfield


Internet Trolling, Scatologia & Digital Psychopathy

Anti-Social Media I seem to have piqued a great deal of interest in law enforcement, academia, and in particular the commercial press recently regarding my views on the inherently, yet somewhat ironically anti-social nature of social media. Before proceeding, however, I should clarify that ‘anti-social’ does not mean what most people think it means. […]

The Moral Grey of Black Money

Technology has always shaped trends in crime, a phenomenon that falls under the theory of what’s called technological determinism. Take something as simple as the automobile. Henry Ford’s adoption of the moving assembly line in the 1920s transformed the automobile from a luxury item into a staple commodity and eventually a necessity of North American life. […]

Why the ‘Dark Knight’ Matters More Than Ever

The last 24 months have spawned crimes in North America that—as desensitized it would seem we as a society have become—truly defy explanation and can still shake us to our core in terms of their inexplicability and barbarity. But the shooting spree, or, as some European newspapers have described it, the ‘latest’ shooting spree in America, […]

A Primer on 911 Pocket Dials

One of the landmark decisions in Canada with respect to the authority of the police to make warrantless entry into a private residence stems from a single phone call where not a word was spoken. On June 1, 1992, police received a silent “open line” 911 call from the residence of one Vincent Godoy who […]

Rethinking Forensics

As I receive more and more interest from cops, business people, publishers, students, and other scholars with respect to my work in forensic writing, I realize that the vast majority of these people have no clue what the hell I’m talking about, and that their ostensible fascination hinges on little more than the inevitable sexiness […]